Fight For Your Right To Vote



With the current presidential election getting heated, and the ugliness starting to arise from both parties, I started thinking about a very magical moment — a very happy moment — from the last presidential election that I will never forget!

The day was October 28, 2008. The setting was Monroe Park at Virginia Commonwealth University. The weather was crisp and cool yet the sun was shining bright. The lawn was packed with students, staff and locals going nuts. And as for me? My adrenaline was pumping beyond control. I was standing within feet from one of my all-time favorite bands — The Beastie Boys.

The Beastie Boys were part of the Rock the Vote Tour that year. They came to the college during the day to speak and promote the cause of voting, especially amongst the younger generation. They campaigned with the likes of Jack Johnson, M.I.A. and Sheryl Crow. Later that night, they went on to perform at the Coliseum with that same crew, amongst others. I, of course, attended both the park event and the concert … but would have to say the highlight of that day was the event. This is where I yelled (in the most innocent little southern twang you could imagine) “MCA MCA MCA … may I please get a photo with you?” He simply looked over — right beside me — and said “Sure.” And I, quite simply, was on Cloud 9. “Like a lemon to a lime and a lime to a lemon” I was feeling pretty darn ecstatic that day.

And the resulting photo — surprisingly snapped quickly by a colleague with my little Blackberry Pearl at the time — is of a moment I shall never forget. The photo turned out surprisingly well and captures a very humbled yet overly joyous gal … as if you can’t tell by my smile. What happened in just a few seconds will only become a dear memory to me that lasts a lifetime. I got to meet AND get a picture with the one and only MCA of the Beastie Boys.

In tribute to the late passing MCA, I will leave you with a snippet from his masterful lyrics …

“Well I got to keep it going keep it going full steam / Too sweet to be sour too nice to be mean /
On the tough guy style I’m not too keen / To try to change the world I will plot and scheme.”

If you don’t know much about Adam Yauch (MCA), then I will tell you that he was an honorable and passionate human being — not only about music, but about humanity and the world. He definitely tried to “change the world,” and by doing so, left a footprint on not only my heart but the hearts of an entire nation. I grew up listening to the Beastie Boys and when Adam Yauch passed away this year, it was like the end of an era. He is an inspiration to us all and I will never forget that day. That one cool Autumn day that I briefly got the chance to meet him.

P.S. Get your bum out and vote this year, people!

** CLICK HERE to download an excellent “Best of the Beastie Boys Mix.” **

2 Comments on “Fight For Your Right To Vote”

  1. Chris says:

    Awesome picture Wow no words congrats. I think you will never forget that moment hope will stay in your memory forever.Your picture made me smile after these sad months.

  2. stcepal21 says:

    So awesome kenny! Reading this made my day & put a big smile on my face! R.I.P. MCA!


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