Band of Horses

Happy weekend, folks!

Tonight I am going to see ‘Band of Horses’ for the first time at The National here in RVA. It’s been a rather long week, so I’m pretty stoked to be unwinding a bit this evening and seeing a live show. They are one of my favorite indie bands and I can’t believe I’m just now getting around to checking out one of their gigs. And thus, I present to you a little typographic ditty I threw together of the lyrics to one of my favorite songs by them — The Funeral. It’s a pretty somber song (hence the title), but there’s just something that’s beautifully enchanting about the combo of lyrics, vocals and instrumentals that collide together beautifully during this song. Hope they play it!






















I will leave you with a version of the song that I found online. Pretty touching, considering the chain of events that we’ve witnessed taking place over the past 24-hours (Connecticut school shootings). Man. It just leaves me totally speechless. God Bless those families … and God Bless America.

*** CLICK HERE to list to ‘The Funeral’ by Band of Horses.***

One Comment on “Band of Horses”

  1. I love Band of Horses (we actually played a lot of their stuff at our wedding). I love and this print.


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