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Friday Inspiration

I just discovered Red Antler recently and am totally blown away.

Their personal company branding is some of the most sophisticated, posh and exquisite stuff I’ve seen in a long time. Their work totally speaks for itself and is absolutely gorgeous. They seem to nail the perfect combination of color and know when to make it pop on every project. Their use of just the right typography is also most impressive. I will declair, ladies and gentlemen, that Red Antler brings to branding what the Pixies bring to punk rock (booom).




Ruff Ruff

This little gal has been the biggest part of my life for 10+ years now. And we’re still going strong! She plays with her mini kong balls everyday and wags that tail just as sassy as the day I got her … the absolute love of my life!


New Chapter

Career Update Fall 2014

I am writing today, friends, with some great news about a new opportunity I’ve been given recently.

I’ve managed to land a sweet gig at a local boutique agency here in RVA called Red Orange Design. Having switched gears a bit from the larger full-service ad agency I was working at prior —with West Cary Group — there are actually only five of us that work there. Our small team is made up of me as the designer, my buddy Jolinda is the senior designer, Susie is the creative director, Ryan is the lead developer and Laura is the project manager. We have become quite the tight nit little crew since I started — I must say — in just a short couple of months.

I’m very grateful for this next great adventure and foresee many exciting creative endeavors ahead!

Thus far, I’ve already helped out on many projects, alongside a super talented creative director leading the team. Projects have ranged from annual reports to infographics to logos to corporate identity to websites … you name it. Below are a few examples to give you a taste of the work we do.

Enjoy and stay tuned!

Red Orange Design
















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