To Design

To Design

“To design is much more than simply to assemble, to order, or even to edit; it is to add value and meaning, to illuminate, to simplify, to clarify, to modify, to dignify, to dramatize, to persuade, and perhaps even to amuse. To design is to transform prose into poetry.” — Paul Rand

Sweet Six

Today is my sweet niece Millie’s 6th birthday.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras

Millie Lambert

And by niece, I mean a little furry friend that wags her tail and barks. For you see Millie — aka Mildred as I like to call her — just so happens to be a dog. She belongs to my sister. Tina adopted her a few years after I got Sadie. After living with them for several years here in Richmond, Mills and I became very close. Sadie is quite fond of her too (but she’d never dare admit it). What I like best about Mildred is this somewhat shy, somewhat quirky, personality she tends to possess. Although she can be timid at times, you can be certain that if she truly likes you, then you should really feel good about yourself. She’s extremely limited with those she will accept into her world (as to not bark her head off at you or be finicky with). So we run a pretty tight ship, she and I. This past year, or so, we’ve bonded even more so due to me keeping her while Tina continues to travel lot. Sadie and I enjoy those slumber parties, though. She adds just enough spice to this simple life I lead and I love her dearly.

So today, friends, I celebrate Mildred – dedicating this post to her and the added happiness she continues to bring into to my world.

Be A Rainbow

Be a Rainbow

New Beginnings

I recently started a new job and could not be happier.
New Beginnings

I accepted the Senior Designer position at West Cary Group here in RVA. It’s been almost two weeks since my start date and I only foresee great things starting to happen. The entire WCG team have been so nice and welcoming to me. I can already attest to the uber talents and plethora of skills-sets that surround me. I am so excited to continue diving in, collaborate with the various teams, learn more about the clients and use my own knowledge in ways to hopefully aid in cultivating others as well as the company in general.

Looking back, however, I must admit that it was a very hard decision to leave Owens & Minor (my recent former employer). I will always value the couple of years I spent there as a designer on the Communications Team. I made some great life-long friends and mentors along the way. I also reaped the many rewards of working alongside some really great talents. And last, I learned the value of working for a genuinely good, good company — built on such a strong foundation in regards to family values, honesty, integrity and ethics. It was an honor to be part of the O&M family!

So, what’s next? I’ll have to keep you posted, friends. All I know is I’m ready to open these new doors to exciting challenges and take my career to the next level. I am focused. I am determined. And best of all — I am happy! The timing of this career change could not be better and I am so grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given. I promise to make the best of it and keep you posted along the way!

Built to Spill

Built to Spill

Music + Design

Music is by far one of the most appreciated resources of inspiration for designers.

Music and design are both very expressive forms of art.  They go together like PB & J. I am always plugged into my tunes when I’m in the midst of a big project. It keeps me going while helping to maintain my stamina. It is also a big motivator that keeps my spirits high and outlook optimistic. I am a big fan of Spotify. It makes this quest for good and new music so much easier nowadays.

Music Quote

So, curious about what we are listening to? You can check out my Spotify compilations below for an idea. Although my favorite genre of choice is Indie Rock, you will see that I put together a variety of song selections that offer a wide variety (in terms of personal tastes and musical preference). I also organized each playlist based on my different moods or genre choice I might be feeling on a particular day. Check ‘em out!


In addition to my jams, if you visit my Spotify profile, you  will find many other playlists I am subscribed to that are all put together by other graphic designers too. I hope you will find something to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing.

What about you? What are you inspired by? What musical artists/songs make you tick? I would love to hear from you!

Wise Words

Design QuoteImagination Quote Greatness Quote Creativity Quote Leadership QuoteSuccess Quote
Design Quote

Imagination QuoteSuccess QuoteSuccess Quote


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