Dogs & Introverts

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8 Ways A Dog Is Perfect For An Introvert

  1. Providing for her basic needs provides a nice counterweight and prevention from becoming
    too lonely or feeling shut in.
  2. She makes the perfect social buffer when you need to exit any unwanted interaction.
  3. When you have the energy to talk to your neighbors, she can be a great conversation starter.
  4. Having a dog at home is a socially acceptable reason for declining invitations or keeping a necessary visit brief.
  5. If you do see someone interesting on the street, your dog becomes the perfect bridge, helping you reach out from your cocoon.
  6. Dogs allow you to be as social as you want to be on any given day, and prevents against emotional starvation.
  7. With a dog in your life, an introvert won’t miss out on regular doses of affection and engagement. You’ll never be emotionally isolated.
  8. Besides protecting you physically, a dog makes you feel safe emotionally because they’re excellent at reading your energy level. They’ll absorb any amount of engagement you’re able
    to give on any given day, without judgement.

Book Review

I have spent a chunk of my Saturday reading and taking notes. I do this often. A.) Because I love to read. B.) I’ve always liked note taking (ever since high school and college). I keep these notebooks full of ideas and snippets of info that I’ve derived from books and, on a rainy day or when I need inspiration, I’ll look through them. I think a lot of designers do this. Because our job requires us to be researching and learning all the time. I like to study. So when I read a design book I usually treat it as more of a study session. Yes, I’m a nerd.

Right now I’m reading “Steal Like An Aritst: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative.” It’s a pretty good (and easy) read for this laid back day of mine. I’d definitely reccomend it to other creatives and artists out there.


The book points out some things we’re never really told (or prepared for) in college. It’s got some great lessons in it. Not just pertaining to design or creativity but real life. So it offers som real-world advice that anyone could gain from. I like that. Here’s an outline of the chapters and 10 things nobody told you about being creative:

  1. Steal Like An Artist
  2. Don’t Wait Until You Know Who You Are To Get Started
  3. Write The Book You Want To Read
  4. Use Your Hands
  5. Side Projects & Hobbies Are Important
  6. The Secret – Do Good Work & Share It With People
  7. Geography Is No Longer Your Master
  8. Be Nice. (The World Is A Small Town.)
  9. Be Boring. (It’s The Only Way To Get Work Done.)
  10. Creativity Is Subtraction

An important chapter that I found fullfilling empasizes the importance of keeping  a logbook. It doesn’t need to be a journal or diary, just notes you jot down from each day in your life. Notes on your creativity. Projects you work on. People you talk to. Collaborations or ventures you start. Anything. Just simple (and minimal) notes about your day. I’m going to start doing this. Today. I hope you’ll consider it to as well as consider picking up a copy of this book. I know you’ll enjoy it!

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Panda Bear

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about music, but this new album deserves the recognition.

Panda Bear


Noah Lennoz (aka Panda Bear) is an experimental musician and co-founder of the band Animal Collective. However, his side gig with Panda Bear, might just be what he’s best known for these days. Born and raised in Baltimore, MD Lennox plays the drums, keyboard and is a lead vocalist in Animal Collective. I have been a huge fan throughout the years (of Animal Collective), but recently fell in love with Panda Bear when a friend invited me to attend one of his shows last year at The Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville, VA. It was a-maz-ing! The way he syncs his music to the visuals he has playing in the background on a huge sceen is unreal. His beats are fresh and unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. It’s kind of psychedelic but very dreamy and always smooth. His early on hip-hop inspiration shines through in almost every track.

Noah playing drums while singing for Animal Collective.

Noah playing drums while singing for Animal Collective.


Upon it’s recent release produced by Domino Records — Panda Bear vs. The Grim Reaper (PBVSGR) — I snatched it up as soon as it went on sale. I can’t put it down or hit pause. Quite literally it is all I’ve been listening to and I’m so in love. The Mr. Noah and Boys Latin tracks are my faves, but it’s all so good. I advise you to pick up a copy or download from iTunes the next chance you get. This artist is about to hit big and I’m so happy to be along for the ride. Check him out – you will not be disappointed, I promise.

Also to be noted is the design and U1UX of his website promoting PBVSGR. Produced by Seen Studio out of NY and LA, it’s to be commended for the click-thru style only devised by using your keyboard. The graphics are amazing and overall it’s a fresh new take on design at it’s best. I’ve provided the link above.

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